Techwars Global Conflict - Mechs and Premium Booster

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TechWars: Global Conflict is the world’s first isometric mecha PVP-Action with direct control. This Bundle will allow you to quickly master the management of new Mechs and get exclusive bonuses. and gives you 1-Day Premium for fastest progression in the game. This Bundle includes: - 1-Day Premium activation - TechWars: Global Conflict - The Game - 500 platinum - Dominion corporation mech Jupiter of Destroyer class - Kato corporation mech Tetra of Destroyer class - Weapon Laser of combat rarity - Weapon JB-1200 of combat rarity - Weapon Glory of combat rarity - Weapon Willfild of combat rarity - Weapon Wasp of combat rarity - Weapon FF-29 of combat rarity - Exclusive Argus Games skins for Jupiter and Tetra mechs
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