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Offering a discount pass that includes various additional content available for DYNASTY WARRIORS 9. Also, everyone who purchases the Season Pass will receive a "Gems and Materials Set" as a bonus. Contents included: ・Additional Scenarios Pack ・Additional Weapons Pack ・Hideaway Customization Pack In addition, you will be able to obtain a "Materials and Gems Set" as a bonus. Receive a gems and materials set that will give you an advantage in the early stages of the game. ▼Received items Hearth Gem / Moon Gem / Yinglong Gem / Qilin Gem (1 of each) Cedar Leaf / Silver / Bronze Yibiqian / Prime Chicken Meat / Fermented Milk / Prime Fish / Wine (15 of each) Bronze Huanqian / Exploding Arrow (30 of each) Precious Gemstone (1) *Items included are consumables. ▼How to use To receive the item, talk with a Trader at one of the cities within the game and select DLC. Note: A content set that includes this DLC is also available. Please see the official site for details. (
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