Toy Soldiers: War Chest - Cobra Pack

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Absolute power! Total control of the world - its people, wealth, and resources - that is the objective of Cobra Commander. This fanatical army is comprised of a deeply loyal infantry, trained in explosives and martial arts and will take on any faction in Toy Soldiers:War Chest. The Cobra Pack also includes these exciting units and characters: • Unleash the Cobra infantry led by the Crimson Guard and take out enemy units • Fly the iconic Cobra Flight Pods and hail bullets down on advancing forces. These air patrol "Trubble Bubbles" are extremely agile and armed with a .30 caliber machine gun and Warlock laser guided missiles • Cobra's HISS Tank storms the ground and can obliterate any adversary with its twin auto-cannons on a rotating turret Enjoy these and even more vehicles, units and characters inspired by real toys from the G.I. Joe universe!
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