WARRIORS OROCHI 4 Deluxe Edition

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After a span of 5 years, WARRIORS OROCHI 4, the latest title in the tactical action series WARRIORS OROCHI, is finally here! ■Features of WARRIORS OROCHI 4: ・A dream collaboration starring heroes from DYNASTY WARRIORS and SAMURAI WARRIORS! ・A roster of 170 playable characters! Five new characters - Zeus, Athena, Ares, Perseus, and Odin join the battle! ・Introducing "Magic" to the series, you can now experience even more thrilling and intense Musou Action! ・An online multiplayer mode is included for the first time ever in the series! For details about the game, please visit the official website. http://www.koeitecmoamerica.com/wo4/ Content of WARRIORS OROCHI 4 Deluxe Edition: ・WARRIORS OROCHI 4 ・Season Pass: - 10 Costumes - 10 Scenarios - 10 BGM tracks - 16 Sacred Treasures - 5 Mounts - 1 Mode ・Deluxe Edition purchase bonuses: - Bonus weapons War God's Halberd, God Smiter's Pike, and Abaddon. - The character Yinglong will be unlocked. - 30,000 Growth Points; 3,000 Arena Points
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