Trailmakers Skin Pack

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This DLC includes five beautiful new skins that can be applied to blocks in Trailmakers. The skins are: Camouflage, Brick, Wood, Glow and Metallic. While a block has any of these skins, it can also be colored to change the color of the glow, the sheen of the metal, the type of wood etc. Purchasing the Skin Pack supports the development of Trailmakers and future games from Flashbulb. Thanks for the support :) The skins can be applied to the following blocks: Block 1x2, Block 1x3, Block 1x4, Block 2x4, Block 2x2x2, Block 4x8, Cylinder 1x1x2, Shield Plates, and all the blocks in the Aerodynamic Category. The skins do not change the physical properties of the blocks in the game - it is purely a cosmetic change. Players who do not own this DLC cannot edit a vehicle that uses the skins, but they can still take the vehicle for a drive. To edit a vehicle that uses a block skin you do not own, you must either remove the blocks that uses the block skins or purchase them for yourself.
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