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SpaceTone is a rhythm game combined closely with story. In the game you will play the role of Reaper who judges dying lives through music.The first early access version will include one chapter of the story、9 songs and at least 36 different levels.Unlock new songs: Collect stories to unlock new songs.An innovative judgement system: Discover multiple different endings depending on your choices in-game!Read the story: Clear the stage to get more stories and read the full story in the story system.Different challenges : More than 10 difficulty levels for more fun and challenges.Get the story clues: Use the classic point-and-click interface to get more story clues.Our space is filled with countless tones, which take the form of countless souls. As an operator of life and death,YOU are the one who dives into music,and examines those on the verge of death. Where will you lead them to? "Death should be part of life, so should not be cried over."--VigoVigo is affiliated with Space Reaper Association (SRA) under the number SR005-217-3. He has universe-like blue purple skin, and always wears a deep blue coat with white scarf because his living planet is often blowing fierce wind.In his leisure time, he likes reading books, listening music, and collecting vintage objects. He has been assigned new job by the association and has a strong responsibility with it.
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