Hiveswap Friendsim - Volume Four

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Burned and lightly battered, this serial befriender is still truckin’ along. In a stunning departure from the rest of the oeuvre, Vol. 4 of Hiveswap Friendsim uses visuals, music and text to tell a story where you meet two trolls and try to make friends with them. Navigate peaks and valleys, bathrooms and back rooms, busy streets and natural landscape, all to get another helping of that sweet FRIENDSHIP pie. The friendship is the filling. The crust is more friendship.---You just crash-landed on Alternia, and you’re DESPERATE for friendship! Anyone will do...wait, who are those two trolls approaching you?The Hiveswap Friendsim is a quick, loosely-canonical visual novel adventure following the efforts of the unnamed protagonist (that’s you!) to survive and maybe even thrive on the harsh surface of ALTERNIA. Set in the time of Hiveswap: Act 1, this episodic visual novel’s opening volume, written by Homestuck creator Andrew Hussie, is sure to satisfy Homestuck and Hiveswap fans who are eager for a darker stroll across the Alternian landscape. Future episodes will arrive regularly as DLC.
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