Mars or Die!

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Update NotesMARS OR DIE! V.1.2 UPDATEComrades! Huge update! A whole brand 9-missions new Campaign, new Defensive Turrets, new bigger and badder Aliens, Hardcore difficulty, tons of new content!Read all about it here.About the GameTOUCHDOWN IS IMMINENT: MARS WILL BE OURS!The Interplanetary Spacecraft FORTITVDO VIII carries our Intrepid Explorers who are tasked with Scouting the Martian soil, Fighting the disgusting Martian natives, and Building Defensible Outposts spearheading our inevitable conquest. Our Supremely Illuminated Leader has bestowed upon YOU the honor of commanding them: survive, gather, and build our way to victory!Scout B. Bean, Engineering CorpsTop of his class, the fastest runner of our Glorious Army. Equipped with a personal Energy Repulsion Shield, capable of deflecting the most devastating of blows! Scout Bean loves flowers, and beans.Major B. Bob, VI Assault DivisionImplacable marksman with a fervent passion for our cause, chocolate, and ballet! Major Bob may move slower, but no Martian will be quick enough to run away and tell the tale.Base BuildingOur Explorers hold all the necessary blueprints for efficient on-site mining operations and base building including Automatic Extractors, O2 Generators, Armories, Single-Barrel and Double-Barrel Automatic Defence Turrets, and the most important of them all, our Glorious Flag! A Campaign to RememberThe Masterful Invasion Plan we envisioned is divided in 9 Missions. Our conquest will be swift, sure, and certain! But, in case the pitiful Martians manage to put up a fight due to their sheer number, we are also prepared to entrench and endure an Endless warfare.It will be glorious! Mars, or Die!
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