KO Mech

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THE MISSIONYou're a mech with just one simple dream: to become the ULTIMATE ROBOT BOXING STAR.Getting to the top requires you to have two very important things—a left fist and a right fist. Forget either one of those, and you're not boxing with anybody. THE GAMEPLAYOnce you've got your hands ready, there's only one thing to do. PUNCH. Punch everything, everywhere, and never stop. Use small jabs to whittle down health and huge, sweeping punches to send enemies flying and colliding with each other, starting deadly chain reactions akin to a wild game of pinball.It all sounds easy, right? Just punch and everyone dies. No problem.Wrong.Just because you're a boxer doesn't mean everyone else is. Enemies will shoot missiles and bullets from afar, killing you before you ever get a chance to give them a one-two between the eyes. So what do you do in the face of all these dangerous projectiles?PUNCH.Your titanium fists will send bullets right back at enemies. They'll send enemies crashing into buildings. They'll send enemies crashing into enemies. They'll send the Moon crashing into the Sun. You'll punch colossal bosses that are even bigger than the Sun. Dodge their skull-crushing blows, sweep around behind them, and give them a solid wallop upside the head. Never stop punching and you'll never stop winning.
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