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Update NotesYou will be able to add wings to your avatar so that it will look like a fairy. You will be able to own a dog and pet him whenever you want. Also, you might get help from your avatar to lose weight.This new update will come soon with the official release, because the game will exit early access.About the GameVoipas is a virtual assistant for PC. It can give you an advice when you feel down, cheer you, give you a virtual kiss or remind you to study for exams. You can own a dog and pet him whenever you want.For now, the overlap effect is not constant in time.Over 50 phrases including:-How was your day at work?-How was your day at school?-Did you study for your exam? It's better to begin studying earlier.-Don't forget to study for your exam.-Good luck with the exam.-It's late, I think you should go to sleep.-It's so late, you better go to sleep.Our website is https://www.betterquests.comYou can leave us a message with your sugestions.
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