Rogue Snow: Everwinter

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Rogue Snow is a top-down shooter with light survival and crafting elements. Six months have passed since the Everwinter began. The USA is a near empty wasteland coated in snow. An army of living snowmen known as the Droves roam the land stalking anything with a temperature. Douglas, a young boy who's been on his own for a month, joins up with a camp of survivors who believe that the equator may still be a safe haven from these monsters and climate. They head south using a snow treader, and as the camp's sole scavenger, it's up to Douglas to provide for the camp and keep them safe. But a faction of bandits holds the south with a tight grip, and their leader has other plans for Douglas' group. Singleplayer Story: A freak accident has left you as the sole scavenger for a group of survivors trying to reach the equator. Your camp will provide you safety and the opportunity to craft much needed supplies, but every day has a mission for you to do to ensure the camp makes it farther south.Drove Mode: Go solo, or bring a friend as you try to survive against 20 waves of snowmen. Scavenge by day, they'll come for you at night.VS Mode: One player controls a scavenger, gathering weapons and supplies to survive. The other controls a snow sculptor, building an army of snowmen to command. Their goals are the same: destroy the other player.
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