VR Europe Tour

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Europe is a symbol. Europe is a symbol of dreams. On this open continent, there are thousands of cities, countryside, rivers, lakes; palaces, churches, streets and parks, shops and fountains; thousands of art and fashion, history and fantasy; more elegant, Sad and romantic. The fast pace of modern work and life remains the same, requiring a leisurely slow-paced life atmosphere; but the slow, lazy, and stagnant pace in the suburbs requires finding lively group social interactions. Life that is too repetitive and monotonous requires change. If you come home, you can walk with your family in the main square, street market, and alleys of small towns, and indulge in the charming small courtyards and warm and romantic homes. Isn't that the warm family life? Have you forgotten the world outside the door after being closed at home for too long? Lively streets, noisy pubs, bustling shopping malls, in this VR virtual world for you to restore a weekday street, you can enjoy the long-lost free life without leaving home. Instructions: Touch the touchpad of the left handle to display the rays, press the trigger of the left handle to select; Enter the menu button on the left handle of the scene to call up the menu, and use the trigger button to select; The touchpad on the right handle controls movement and steering, and pressing the touchpad will accelerate the forward movement.
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