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Hotfix is a chromosome enriched solo indie game inspired by Minecraft and Enter the Gungeon. Create your own - near infinite - world full of randomly generated structures filled with guns and loot. Explore, build, and gather resources during the day and avoid robotic "dogs" powering up at night. Procedurally generated world using a seed, with different biomes ranging from deserts to snowy tundras, randomly generated settlements, enemy hideouts, deadly robotic dogs scattered everywhere, and other structures Top-down shooter mechanics to combat enemies and tear down the world using all kinds of weapons - from pistols to chromosome launchers Lots of craftable building structures - floors, walls, windows, lights, furniture - that you can use to build your own base and reshape the world to your liking Character customization including a variety of hair, a color wheel for your skin and hair color, and different clothes to find in-game Farming mechanics allowing you to plant crops, bushes, and breed animals using the semen blaster Caves full of ores, materials, and poop that you can gather and trade with merchants Three different game modes: survival - the default game experience, creative - enabling you to build and experiment in peace, and hardcore - a permadeath mode ...and more!
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