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Welcome to a world of dreams and nightmares! What can you do in DREAMLANDER? Explore an open world filled with memorable characters, enemies you'll love to hate, secrets galore, and much more. Enjoy character back-stories, a deep world lore, and make choices to decide how your story will end. Meet several characters, and make friends or enemies across the land. Make tough decisions that may decide the fate of yourself and others. Choose to avoid conflict if you so desire. Play several mini-game battle modes & puzzles inspired from genres such as: * Shoot 'em up * Retro Arcade * Puzzle * Racing * Action RPG * Sidescroller * And more!~ Enjoy an OST.Note from the creator: I really hope you enjoy DREAMLANDER. This is, essentially, my retro / indie game inspired labor of love. I've sunk about 4 years of my life into this game already, and expect it to take another year or 2 to reach completion. (Sorry for the wait!) I'll be releasing regular updates on how it's coming along until it releases. Thanks for checking out my game.Brad-Lee Donohoo
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