Red Falcon

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HistoryYou are the Red Falcon, Earth's last hope. Your mission is to save the planet from a sectarian heresy that is invading Earth in a huge armada. Who they are and why they arrived is unknown, but one thing is certain: these sectarians are the most dangerous beings in the galaxy. By controlling a unique Soviet development, the flying Volga class "Earth-Cosmos", you will have to hold out on the battlefield as long as you can. And remember: in your hands the future that never was. FeaturesYou have technology at your disposal: the Orbital Research Institute "Lenin-407", which allows you to study enemy weapons and then use them, and the Orbital Laser Launcher "ZHEK-1505", which shoots a huge laser that pierces through all enemies. Collect debris from enemy ships that serves as fuel for the laser machine, research material for the Research Institute, and building material for the majestic paneled house you'll erect. Use all these technologies wisely to destroy as many sectarian rats as possible.That's not all!An interesting and entertaining synergy of two classic genres: Invaders and Tetris7 different types of enemies with their own behavior and weaponsSoviet style that borders on absurdityDump enemy debris into the orbiting ORI "Lenin-407" to fire enemy weaponsInfinite arcade -- last as long as possible in the gameLeaderboard showing the best players in the worldSimple and intuitive controls
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