Hard, Fast, & Flashy

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WARNING: THIS GAME IS HARD AS F***!!Run, jump, and blast your way through an unforgiving cyberscape at breakneck speeds, pushing your mind and body to their limits in the never ending pursuit of perfection. Studies show that nearly 15% of people enjoy being punished...Do you like it hard and fast?FEATURES:Precise, first-person shooter meets fast-paced platformer to create a unique speedrunning challenge.10 levels with difficulties ranging from “It took 15 tries but I finally got it!” to “THIS S*** IS F****** IMPOSSIBLE!!” (though we promise every level is beatable)A pulse-pounding, electronic soundtrack that’s guaranteed to keep your heart pumping.Blaze through a synthwave cyberscape with high-octane, momentum-based movement.Non-linear level design allows for creative strategies to achieve maximum speed - this game is meant to be broken!It’s free! This is a passion project that we want to share with you, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!INSPIRATIONS:Inspired by challenging, fair, and fast-paced games like Dark Souls, Quake, and Celeste, we sought out to develop a game that combined our favorite parts from each. The result was Hard, Fast, and Flashy: a momentum-based platformer with retro aesthetics and a definitively modern gameplay feel.UPCOMING FIXES:Improved performance through animation rendering.Improved camera angle (modified FOV, visible feet, centered model).Additional settings for key rebinds, VSYNC, and mouse sensitivity.Reworked physics to allow for greater conservation of momentum and better aerial control.Reworked instructions and menus.Voice acting for player character and main menu.
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