The Prabbits: Happy Dogfights !

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The Prabbits: Happy Dogfights ! Demo
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Early Beta AccessJoin the Beta Now !You will be able to play an early version of the game, meet other players and give us your feedback!Looking For Other Players?Join the Discord Now !You will be able to meet other players, organise multiplayer matches, follow the game development and even speak with the developer!About the GameHappy Dogfights! is a fast-paced, 4 player party game, where you take the air as a Prabbit.Always up for a friendly fight, the prabbits are organising all kinds of tournaments with their new flying machines. In a series of quick and intense matches, their sole goal is to knock their opponent out of the skies and prove that they are the best pilot in the tribe. These chaotic matches can bring the best… or the worst out of you and your opponents as you try to gain the Prabbit Champion crown. With its easy to learn controls and it’s arcade feel, Prabbits: Happy Dogfights! Makes for a perfect addition to any party game collection, for you and your friends to have hours of fun on.Death Bomb ModeIn the current Death Bomb mode, you will be playing a "N rounds to win last man standing" where:- bombs can be used to eliminate your opponents for a round, - barrel-rolls makes you invulnerable for 1 sec and can be used to steal bombs,- while bullets can be used for, well, dealing damage!Main FeaturesCurrently the main features the game are: Easy to handle, but hard to master gameplay Bots with 2 difficulty modes 2-4 players online or local or mixed 1-2 players on 1 Keyboard (support only QWERTY for now) 1-4 players with Gamepads 3 game speeds (i.e. speed of planes) to increase the challenge 4 colours (red, blue, green, yellow) for the planes/bombs 2 control schemes for gamepad (aiming with stick, or rotating plane with stick) 1 control scheme for keyboard (rotating plane with keys) multiple game mode options to tailor/playtest game mode variants (e.g. time for coin respawn, time for heart respawn, ...) 4 hand painted levels, with different spin (see their description in game) 1 Game Mode: the Death BombMore levels and game modes are coming soon!
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