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Follow Me!To hear more about RoboSkate or whatever else I might be doing, follow me on these socials: Discord TwitterThank you for your interest! :) - ShoobapAbout the GameLearn to be the operator of a robotic arm slapped on a skateboard as you embark on an awkward adventure through a divine realm. Your quest will not be straightforward, as simply moving presents an obstacle with this strange form of motion. Once you feel like you've conquered physics, sinister twists, bends and ledges will elevate the difficulty to a new level and harden you to become the ultimate robotics controller. A short yet challenge packed campaign, where you will master the controls of RoboSkate. Main game is around 2-3 hours long, but might be way longer if you suck. Local split-screen of up to 4 players for extra hilarity. Mini-levels for those left wanting a bigger challenge. A chill jazzy soundtrack. Unique achievements. Speedrun timing. (Shown at the end of a run done in one sitting)The RoboSkate OST can be downloaded for free here.
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