Black Butterfly

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A terrible fire struck Centralia's commercial area in the early hours of Friday morning, December 4, 1962. The subway started to ignite mysteriously, consuming the city little by little and bringing evil to everyone who lived there ... SYNOPSIS: Even after the incident in the city of Centralia, Isac, his wife Jill and son Carl, decided to continue living in their beautiful home. But what Isac did not imagine is that the evil that burned there ... gradually consumed him inside. One day, Isac was totally dominated, he murdered his wife and son with ax blows. After 15 years in prison, he receives his freedom, so he decides to return to his home in Centralia, relive his dark past and try to find out what really happened ... You will have to deal with past traumas ... Haunted by the evil that once consumed you and made you kill your family! Black Butterfly is a true survival horror experience that aims to show that the most terrifying monsters of all come from the human mind, or not so human! BASED ON THE CITY OF CENTRALIA, STAGE OF A GREAT ACCIDENT THAT DESTROYED THE CITY FOR A FEW. INSPIRING THE FAMOUS "MONTE SILENT". GAME FEATURES - Gameplay: Can be played stealthily, however, it will have weapons and resources for its defense. - Immersive graphics: AAA quality graphics offer players more immersion in the game. - Enemies: they are very unpredictable, they approach very quickly (some may be stronger than others). - Experience: you can fight or run, but sometimes your only option is to defeat the enemy. EARLY WARNING: - Difficult game: puzzles and enemies. (An enemy can take a long time to die, maybe 5 shots are too short ...) - The game contains "Fantasy Violence" (Easily distinguishable from real life), some moments can give you some scares.
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