Board Quizz Adventure

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Only playable in local multiplayer !Board Quizz Adventure is a fun little party game, perfect to play while having a drink with friends. It’s very accessible to everyone, even people not used to playing video games: you can play without holding a controller. Answer questions to clear the way and reach the objective first!Players are split into two teams, only one person holds the controller for the team. The goal is to be the first team to reach the village. Forests and fields are on your way, to clear the path you have to answer questions. Answer fast, but be careful: a wrong answer blocks the way for good, forcing you to find another way around it.To spice things up, chicken-jokers and other guests with unique behaviours may either help you to gain the edge over the other team, or disrupt you plans.Features :Local multiplayer up to an unlimited number of players with only 2 controllers or a keyboard.Quick and easy 3 minutes tutorial.40 unique maps.8 unique map mechanics.3000 questions.23 categories (Sports, History, Science & Nature, Video Games, Anime & Manga, General Knowledge...)Unlimited number of players ? How it works ?The game is designed to be played as two teams. 1v1, 2v2, 4v4 or even 2v3 as long as the teams are fairly balanced. One player per team controls the character using a controller or half of a keyboard. The rest of the team plays by answering questions and figuring out the optimal path to the objective.
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