It comes from hell (Survive)

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In the spirit world, “Clare Davis” lived together with her mother. One day her mother was missing. Clare wants to Find her. But this world is dangerous when night time. She can’t find her with a weak body. She must get stronger to find her mother. Especially no one can live without eating food. You will play as Clare David. Make her stronger by craft better equipment and kill a monster at night. Don’t forget to find food for her.Game FeatureCrafting Equipment you can craft better equipment to get stronger and find materials by killing a monster.Survival system You must find food for Survival.Fighting with monster In night time there are several monsters. You will fight with them or avoid them up to you.Make money There is a human dimension that you can find money by taking jobs, find treasure and more to buy foods and house.ControlsPress Q Close map, Open mapPress arrow on under left right walkPress X Open menuPress enter okPress F4 full screen
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