Eastshade Original Soundtrack

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Painting becomes a little easier when you have some music to help inspire you! In Eastshade, you are a traveling painter on a quest of discovery. Capture its world on canvas, and take in its meditative soundscape. In this original soundtrack, you’ll find all of the sounds you know from your adventures in Eastshade. This package includes: 22 tracks from the soundtrack for the game (MP3 and FLAC) Tracklist 1. Cave on the Shore 2. Lyndow 3. In the Reeds 4. The First Eclipse 5. The Tiffmoor Bluffs 6. Purple Skies 7. Bloomsacs 8. Meandering Trails 9. Balloon Ride 10. Bridge to Nava 11. Tavern Tales 12. Bustling Markets 13. Dream Tea Caverns 14. Painting Flowers 15. Walk and Reflect 16. Old Lyndow 17. Mudwillow’s Lair 18. Restless Reach 19. The Tarnished Teapot 20. Excavators 21. Architect in Exile 22. A Shadian Lullaby
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