Dungeon and Puzzles

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Dungeon and Puzzles is an award-winning puzzle game. The adventurer's ability can be changed by switching between equipments. Using a sword to attack monsters, or a bow and an arrow to destroy enemies from afar. Pushing the obstacles back with a shield, and, last but not least pulling the monsters with a special pair of gloves. You have to think about what kind of ability to use for every step, destroy all monsters and exit from the room.There are 150 handcrafted rooms in the dungeon. Players will have to get a better understanding of the game to solve the puzzles and clear the rooms.To beat the puzzles with fewer moves, achieving advanced goals, players will have to try different tactics and move combinations to find an optimized solution for the room. Sometimes a player would need to put the old solution aside and take on a new perspective towards the problem, reexamine and rethink before making a move.If you clear a room by spending fewer steps than the standard number of moves, please share your solution with us! It's amazing!FeaturesDungeon + Puzzle + Sokoban150 handcrafted roomsDungeon atmosphere pixel artNon-linear dungeon map
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