Harolds Harem: The Neckoning

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Features:7 colorful NPCs8 unique locations3 multiple endingsPixel-illustration styleAbout the GameThere is only one way to win, DON'T FALL IN LOVE.Erotic Infiltration is not an easy branch of the Military. Can you make it out alive?Can you complete your mission of saving the world before its destruction in three days and NOT fall in love with Harold?! Many people have tried, and only a few have left without a broken heart! In this comedic Visual novel disguised as a dating sim, you play as the newest member an Erotic Infiltration unit for a trans-dimension branch of the military. As you and your comrade's attempt thought conversation, battles and small choices, you will find different routes that will save, harm or destroy everyone... Join your colorful comrades as you start your dangerous mission to unlock his secrets and save the world. But remember, DON'T FALL IN LOVE WITH HAROLD!Seven colorful NPCs8 unique locations4 multiple endingsPixel-illustration style
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