Space Duke

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Game operation: Use the left and right arrow keys to control the steering of the spacecraft, and the up button to control the forward power of the spacecraft. Use the Ctrl key to fire. Press the X button to switch the weapon. Stop the fire button to return the blood. If the blood volume is less than 50%, the game UI flashes warning. The player's spacecraft has a certain probability of losing control due to collisions. You need to use the arrow keys to stabilize the spacecraft. Game features: No need to pick up anything, higher scores are the key to unlocking the gear, unlocked points are hidden, so all the player's attention will focus on shooting enemies and avoiding enemies. The game is not a purely pixel-based game, the UI uses a combination of flatness and pixel style. The game game localizes the player's data, including death statistics, elimination statistics, score statistics, and so on. With error correction, when the player accidentally quits the game midway (such as power off), the data will not be lost, it will be regarded as ending a game. Support for Steam achievements. Small maps allow players to clearly know where they are and where they are. Enemies attack players from multiple directions, and you need to dodge and attack enemies. The game uses time-based waves. If you destroy enemies in the scene in time, this will be easy to see. In addition to the UI text and the player uses a special color, the overall color is gray and white. Support multi-language, existing Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Hebrew. The game is a 2D game, and the game background uses a compensation design to make the game have a 3D effect. The difficulty of the game is moderate and easy to use. Compared with hardcore players, it is more inclined to casual games. The game draws more on Luftrausers, Bit Blaster XL, and Cycle28. Developer note: After developing the first indie game, I received many reviews and pointers from connoisseurs, which have greatly reused my development. I played a lot of similar games before I did this game, but I found that because the players don't know where they are, they often get confused. So in this game I added a small radar map to try to improve the player's control of the game. I am currently developing another game that uses some of the techniques in this game. If you have played my game, I hope you point out the shortcomings in the game and provide suggestions, which will be modified in the next version. I hope you like my game.
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