Crisp Cube

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Chat on DiscordSuit UpCombo OffThe Cube Types -- Normal, Void, Special, Water, Fire, and Inversion.Crisp Cube is an action puzzle game where you clear cubes to clear levels and unlock worlds. You play as the mysterious Mr.Crisp. Mr. Crisp starts at one end of a grid-like play area while a sequence of diverse cubes appears on the other side and begins to roll towards him. Help Mr. Crisp clear away all but the black Void Cubes, using standard or special triggers, to clear each level. If you accidentally clear away the wrong cubes or let non-void cubes roll off the edge, the play area will shrink; this could lead to Mr. Crisp’s untimely demise. Play perfectly, and Mr. Crisp will gain more play area to stand on. Crisp Cube is inspired by a game called Intelligent Qube, also known as Kurushi.
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