Avis Rapida - Aerobatic Racing

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Fly as fast as you can and show off on the way!Avis Rapida is an aerobatic racer for beginners and veterans alike. Learn how to fly and then push yourself and your aircraft to the very limits.Easy to learn, hard to master - A game that is forgiving on mistakes but rewards good flying. From complete tutorials of the most basic actions to grueling tests of skill!Realistic but simplified physics - Lift, drag and thrust equations based off of NASA models, but boring parts mathematically removed! (This is NOT a simulator.)Super-maneuverability - Thanks to the wonders of thrust vectoring, do things that a plane was never meant to do! No waiting - Instant retries at the touch of a button. Everything accessible from the pause menu. Minimal loading times after initial load-in.Play however you want - Fully playable on keyboard, controller or flight stick/HOTAS. Support for multiple input sources for individual players (for setups such as HOTAS + pedals). Fully rebindable controls.Play with your friends - Seamless drop-in/drop-out local multiplayer and two exclusive multiplayer modes, Chase and Combat.Relive the glory - Watch included replays to learn the ropes and then save your best runs to rewatch at any time!Leaderboards - See how you stack up against your friends and the best aces in the world!Mod support - Play with skins and tracks made by the community!
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