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Groupthink is a party game about working together with your teammates to come up with silly answers - One letter at a time! One player will be selected as the judge, and they will either choose a question or submit their own. All remaining players will be split into two teams and must take turns submitting one letter at a time to come up with the best answer they can. The judge then chooses the answer they like better, and that team is rewarded points! If competition isn't your style, try Comedy Mode, where all players are put on one team and work together to make the best answers they can. No points are awarded, and the focus is entirely on wacky, goofy, nonsensical fun! This game requires at least 3 players to play, and supports up to 16! Players join through their browser on either a computer or mobile device. Players must be able to see the Groupthink window, whether that be in real life, or through a streaming/screen-sharing platform.
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