Monster Girls and the Mysterious Adventure

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Make a monster girl a "Friend" and go on adventures together!This is a "Mystery Dungeon"-style roguelike game in which the terrain changes with each challenge.■□■ Game System ■□■This is a "Mystery Dungeon"-style roguelike game.When the player does something, other monsters will also do it. The game uses a turn-based system.The monster girls you meet during your adventures are acknowledged by giving them drinks, ignoring them from time to time, and comparing their strength. When you receive it, it becomes a "Friend" and fights with you.■□■ Story ■□■As an adventurer, "you" found yourself in a mysterious ward.According to the monster "Tarte", who calls herself the village mayor in a nearby village, in order to escape from this ward, you have toThey had to defeat the "tower sorcerer" in the Tower of Return.Defeat the sorcerer and get out of here safely...Your mysterious adventure is about to begin!
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