Myridian: The Last Stand

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The Last Stand
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Early Beta AccessJoin our Early Access and get 4 available heroes, an exclusive in-game item, badge and skin upon the official release!About the GameMyridian: The Last Stand is an old school 3×3 platformer featuring beautiful 2D pixel art, an orchestral soundtrack and intense action.Driven by a story that requires players’ interaction in order to evolve, The Last Stand is the first chapter of Nettor‘s mission to awaken the Verge and bring legendary heroes to life so they can face their greatest challenge.At the end of every chapter, players’ progresses achieving their goals will dictate how new heroes, missions and events will be inserted in the storyline. Players with enough experience points will be invited to join solo or co-op quests and their results will lead the story on.Current featuresQuick (3 min.) and fast paced matches;Game modes: online 3×3 PvP;8 Legendary heroes with unique skills available to play with.Upcoming featuresGame modes: more PvP modes, Co-op, Solo and Community events;Hero evolution tree with 30 levels and a skill rebuild option;More heroes to choose from;Exclusive Gear, Skins and Magical Items for each and every hero;Magical mazes with random rooms (rogue lite);New Solo and Co-op missions every chapter;Co-op story mode, where every new chapter presents new heroes, enemies, maps and missions;Clan system, with community oriented quests;Ranking system;In-app purchases (details under development).
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