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In 2074 the last stronghold of man fell to the machines. The machines let the remaining humans live as they no longer posed a threat, but they watch them closely. 10 years later a group known as Ferroplasma has started to build a resistance. Join the fight and help liberate man. What is Ferroplasma? Ferroplasma is hybrid third person roguelike mixed with world defense/liberation. In this game, you'll play as a soldier tasked with leading the human resistance against the machines. You will be able to recruit new units as well as research new technologies, abilities, and equipment. You will need to defend your ship when it is on the ground from the waves of machines that will track you down. Missions will be performed inside the machine network. After weakening the machines enough, you will be able to liberate and capture areas. Giving you bonus resources and other abilities. While inside the machine network you will be able to pick up some permanent items, like new avatars to use while in the machine as well as permanent upgrades that will stick with you the next time you enter.
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