Wildemist Isle Demo

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Wildemist Isle
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This is a Demo version there may be bugs and nothing is final from what you see more to give you an ideaFor more Information or to view updates visit our website: http://silverswoopgames.blogspot.comWildemist Isle is a exploration strategy card game. You are a hero who's ship has crashed while sailing to the capital. You wake up on this Island that has been covered in a mist for months, but the villagers do not know whats causing it. Due to the protruding stones in the sea and the razor sharp reef no ships can leave nor enter. So for you to get off this island you must discover what is causing the mist and stop it. So you explore the island doing quests for villagers, looking for treasure, solving puzzles and fighting monsters when outside the village. Fights are a card game, your deck of cards is based on your items you have equipped. You can get new items by buying them at the marketplace defeating unique enemies or by exploration. The damage you receive at the end of a fight stays with you unless you can heal before the next fight, so don't stay out from the village too long or you might not make it back.Demo Features30% of the Island to explore4 different enemies and 1 unique 'boss' enemies5 different main weapons, 6 secondary weapons, 4 shields and 9 healing kits1 Puzzle and 3 Quests/ObjectivesCard Examples
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