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Seeing the incoming dark clouds, some seek shelter and others build an ark. Step into the pre-apocalyptic world as Noah and lead the bravest project of ancient times! Gather the required resources to build a ship able to withstand the diversity of Earth's fauna on its deck.Don't forget the dove though, without her the voyage might take forever!The rainstorm is close, and after all, you must save at least a pair of each species.Animals are just animals, and they can get quite unbearable... they spread around the world and don't want to listen - bah, it might come to you carrying them around on your own back!Once you're done with that, don't forget to pack the supplies. Otherwise... you know...Problems with livestock and the race to beat the clock are not the only concerns you'll face.You're just starting out with this praiseworthy quest and some wicked folks are already looking forward to your demise. Fight them without batting an eye - this time it doesn't count as a sin!If you think building the Ark is not something you'll manage on your own, bring your friends along!Together you'll be able to wrap it all up much quicker, as well as make it easier to defend the floating zoo when a mass attack happens. No worries - there's plenty of work to do even for four of you!Ship construction and saving animal species are probably not the easiest activities, as well as being the captain during the final voyage. In the end, however, the rain will stop. Looking out for the land, you'll realize you saved the world once again - and this time it all went without a single gunshot.
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