Spacelords - Starter Pack

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Welcome to the Broken Planet, cadets!New arrivals shouldn’t go into battle empty-handed. This pack includes all the essential content that players need to start their journey on the Broken Planet: 2500 Mercury Points, to customize your Raiders and establish your own style. (The price of this DLC is equivalent to the cost of this number of Mercury Points in the game.) 8 XP Boosts (x1.5), to speed up the experience you gain. (Free! Valued at 400 Mercury Points.) 25,000 Gold, spend it wisely to create and upgrade your weapons and unlock new Raiders. (Free! Valued at 300 Mercury Points.) 4 weapons you can build immediately (Not sold for Mercury Points in the game.): - Vinc "Eager" 23-1 for Alicia - Pepper Pot for Lycus - Ferox Impetus for Harec - O. Tolchok E10 for Konstantin
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