Patched world

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*Real men lay eggsCommand your army in RTS mode.Control your character in TPS mode.There is no delay between RTS and TPS mode.Travel world, seek better equipment, upgrade your soldiers and capture enemy castles.Physics based melee system - Weapon damage is relative to relative velocity. Tip of pole arms have blade damage, while wood part of pole arms have impact damage.You can parry enemy attacks. But parrying giant hammer with sword is not a good idea.Egg system - Get eggs from enemy. Make your companions from eggs. They will help you leading your army.Stronger enemy gives better eggs.Agent system - Companions can work as agent, not only as army officer. They could give you advantage every day.Technology system - Civilization changes from medieval to WW24 Factions - Samurai, Rome, Viking, CrusaderRandom generated dungeon system - Sometimes you can get treasure map.Treasure map locates dungeons which has random generated architecture.
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