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Tera, a once-thriving planet, faces extinction as millenniums of heavy abuse of its naturalresources see them ultimately drop to critical levels. A world that once thrived now faces itself in a panic to preserve its planet. The solution lies in expeditions to other planets to establish new colonies and gather resources to send home.Create your own character and explore a strange new planet, grow and improve your characters abilities, craft, upgrade and customize powerful weapons and armor, hunt dangerous beasts, take down powerful foes, and leave your mark as one of the greatest the New World has ever seen... or die trying.Key Features:Non-linear gameplay: create your own custom character, explore the hostile a strange, new world. Face off against dangerous beasts, bloodthirsty inhabitants, Make your own decisions as you decide who you will be, which (if any) alliance you will join with, and leave your mark on a New World.Procuedural World - Explore a unique randomly generated planet each time with different biomes and areas, and procedural "dungeons" such as caves, ruins, and minesPerk tree system - Improve and unlock new abilities as your character levels upCrafting & Upgrading - craft new weapons, armor, items, accessories, and more using resources you gather on your journeys, such as slain monster parts, mined ores, chopped down wood, and other gathered resources. Upgrade weapons and armor abilities and add custom augmentations such as shock bullets, venom bullets, anti-aircraft weapons, weapons specializing in killing certain creature types (i.e beast, insect, etc).Extensive cooking system - by combing a wide range of ingredients, you can cook up dishes that can bestow all types of different effects and buffs to you. Combine a huge selection of ingredients, such as monster parts, collected foliage, food, etc to create unique dishes.Challenge Battles - For the most skilled hunters, throughout the world of Tera exist huge and powerful creatures. For those who have crafted and upgraded fantastic weapons and armor and fancy themselves a challenge, take on huge bosses & super bosses.
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