Kitten Burst

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Hapi, a down on their luck racing cat, teams up with a hacker named S4br aboard the cybership “The Eternal September”. Together they travel to abandoned sites, siphoning energy to power their ION Drive. Can the team pull off their scheme, or will the future of cyberspace be controlled by the megacorp PANDO?CIRCUITSScattered throughout the sites are circuits to race in. The quicker your time the more IONs each circuit generates. Plan out and perform the fastest lines through the world.WHISKERS [Width/Height Intersect Sensing Kinetic Energy Recovery System]Generate Burst energy by flying close to walls and obstacles. Surf through levels to set quicker times.CATS ARE SOLID/LIQUIDShift your state of matter to alter your burst power. Solid: Increase your acceleration and top speedLiquid: Slow down time and increase maneuverability.
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