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Survive the ever increasing pressure of time for as long as you can!Increlution is a minimalistic idle game about time management that takes inspiration from roguelite games. It's up to you to survive as long as you can with the tools that you unlock throughout life, such as food or constructions. As time goes on, your health will decline increasingly faster until you'll eventually die. However, death merely marks a new beginning. With every generation, your chances at survival will increase, because progress in previous lives increases your instincts.Managing timeThroughout life, you'll have access to various jobs, constructions and explorations. Using the step-by-step queue system, you can plan exactly what you want to happen and the game will automatically follow your orders. When your queue is empty, the game pauses automatically, so you don't lose any of your precious time! This is a game about planning and strategizing, not a game about micro-management or clicking. However, if you prefer to play more real-time, you can prioritize anything over your queue at any time.SkillsEvery action uses one of many skills, such as Farming of Woodcutting. Every skill has two leveling types, Generation levels and Instinct levels. Generation levels increase more rapidly and provide a bigger benefit throughout life. Instinct levels increase at a slower pace, but persist through death, creating a permanent improvement for every following life. The combined effect of these levels directly affects how quickly you can perform actions that use these skills, allowing you to spend more of your time on other actions to increase your chances to survive!Story based progressionYou progress through the game with a story. Exploring the world allows you to discover new tools to improve your chances at survival. Unlike most idle games, having a story also means the game includes no procedural content, and you're actually able to complete the game. When the game is released into early access, the story will contain between two and three weeks of content, depending on how well you are doing. Throughout early access this story will be expanded significantly, until at least two months worth of content. When the story feels properly finished, a new game plus will likely be added to offer an option to continue playing after completing the game.Meta progressionEvery generation will have better chances at survival than the last. The longer you survive, the more those chances will increase! This cycle of life and death plays a fundamental part in the overall progression through the game. Death is inevitable, but never pointless!Featuring a free demoLike many things in life, you can only truly judge whether something fits your liking by trying it first hand. For that reason, Increlution will feature a free demo so you don't need to take anyone's word for it! Try it yourself, and only get the full version if you're completely convinced that it'll be worth your while! Progress made in the demo will automatically be synchronized to the full version through Steam Cloud. The free pre-release demo can be played right now and contains roughly nine hours of content! After the game reaches Early Access, the demo will probably be adjusted to roughly two hours of content.When will the game be available?Increlution will release as Early Access during the third quarter of 2021. The Early Access version is currently targeted to be between two and three weeks of content, after which I intend to expand the game to at least two months of content. As a solo developer, community involvement has been incredibly useful to the overall quality of my previous game and calling a game finished before improving it to player feedback would be a missed chance!Interested? Try the demo right now by downloading it at the top of this page! If you like it, you can wishlist the game and Steam will notify you when Increlution reaches early access!
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