RollerCoaster VR Universe

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Fasten your seat belt and take a ride in one of five unique VR roller coaster experiences. Each world have totally different visuals and mood. Virtual Reality Roller Coasters: - Visit dinosaurs forest, take a closer look at this mighty creatures!- ride throw medieval castle, beautiful caves or even fly above the ground on the back of the huge dragon, - visit space: moon, earth orbit, Saturn, even get kidnapped by aliens, - go underwater to watch beautiful sea creatures in their natural environment, - shoot to zombies in horror ghost town- UPDATE: Ride next to skyscrapers in the new City Ride!- UPDATE: Micro world discover world from the bugs perspective! - UPDATE: Cartoon world!- UPDATE: Santa's sleigh journey - gift delivery mini-gameHope you will find something you were looking for. Perfect for "VR first contact", to show new parson whats its VR all about, as well as relaxing/exciting session for experienced VR users.You can always go back to menu and select different ride.Some rides has interactive elements such as shooting to zombies in horror map.App supports graphical quality settings in my menu, adjust it to your needs.Use numpad 1-6 in the menu - to start the ride for the person not familiar with using motion controllers.I hope you will enjoy the rides :) !I do not exclude the possibility of adding more rides in the future or adding/changing the content suggested by the community.I will be grateful for every comment. If you want to use this app commercially please contact me, or just buy commercial license, available on the store. Also if you want to add your logo to the app for Arcade usage, there's such option. In next update I will add Motion Platforms support.
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