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About ZofImmerse yourself in a picturesque world of puzzling devices. Discover how things work and go deeper into the game. The solutions are simple, but hidden more and more carefully as you progress. Zof is not a pushover. You might get frustrated, you'll probably get stuck, but you'll definitely feel great when you figure it out.No story, no searching for clues, no hand holding. Zof relies on falling into a new mindset, not struggling with difficult concepts.Not sure?Try the free demo! ( button above ). You'll find puzzlement, exasperation and elation in the same proportions as the rest of the game. So it's a good guide.NotesIf you do get stuck, you can always use the menu to go back home and try something different.Vsync is in the screen settings menu.There is a hint guide in the community section ( use at your peril ):https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2227965856A small number of puzzles use sound.
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