Maze Workout - Lost Urban Exit Game - Trials1

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Maze Workout - Lost Urban Exit Game - Trials2
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It's a maze game with progressive difficulty levels, that starts from very easy to more complex. At the start of the game it has one key for the exit door of that level and go to the next level. As you progress from level to level you have to find more keys to get out of that level. There are a total of 12 color coded keys that you have to pick up, very easy levels start with one key. Easy levels are less time consuming, the more keys to find in a level the more time it takes to finish. You are alone. There is no one else, it's a single player game. The ambiance in the game is calm and relaxing, with a pleasant and modern indoor architecture style. As the name indicates you should play the levels many times to get better lower times, it's a race but in a walking simulator mode. Just find the keys and the exit. Good luck!
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