Freyr's Love

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A STORY BEYOND MYTHSControl the Norse Gods in a long mythy adventure. Help Freyr about his love. Find Gerd and bring her to Freyr. Witness skirnir while he gaining gods power.Key Features:Feel the power of Freyr's magic sword.Throw your sword and wait. Time will slow down and your sword will always come back.Kill different kinds of creatures.DraugarsSkeletonsCall Gods for help.Call Freyja to restore your health.Call Njörd in order to create an earthquake. Fight against your enemies with power of the Gods.Call the gods when you need them and dominate the warzone.Use their power against your enemies.Witness the Ragnarok.Learn the truth about Ragnarok.Witness Ragnarok mysteries through this story.GameplayControl your character left and right.Jump above your enemies.Dash through your enemies and make them miss.Use 3 different kind of attack to kill your enemies.Use your heavy attack.
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