Land War

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Land War is a party game you can actually play at a party!Teach your friends, mom, grandpa, or anyone else to play in minutes and invite everyone in on the big screen with 8 player local multiplayer! Simple controls - choose between moving up, down, left, or right and that's all there is to it!Every land war player starts as a humble square in a sea of unclaimed land. But as you move, you capture the squares around you, growing at an exponential rate! Watch out as you encounter your friend's square armies - only the clever players will survive. Clashing with enemies result in stalemate, but players are vulnerable when they turn away! Features: ~10 minute matches, so it's easy to swap players in and out as the night goes on! Over 30 maps and 4 game mode settings. 8 gamepads are supported including 8 xBox controllers simultaneously. Includes support for any controller you might plug in. xInput and all other APIs supported. 2 players can play on a keyboard with WASD and the arrow keys in case you don't have enough controllers lying around! 2 difficulties of Bots to play against!This game is a brand new concept and comes from sheer love of local multiplayer and disappointment that so few video games can be played with more than 4 players on the same screen. I'm looking to get feedback here on Steam before a console release, so please send any issues and gameplay suggestions to the game’s contact email, community hub, steam message or "hockenmaier" on Twitter. Thanks for playing!
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