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"Hail, Adventurer! So, you wish to test your mettle against the dangers of the world? Riches, glory, and power can all be yours...if you survive." - Vardok, Adventurer Extraordinaire Skillsworn is a low-poly, party-based, isometric adventure game. Take on the role of a fresh adventurer and embark on a journey through the wilds of Thera. Build and adapt your skill bar in order to defeat terrifying foes. Discover powerful weapons, armor, and artifacts to grow your fame. Form extremely long lasting bonds with non player characters. Defeat a variety of dangerous foes and prove that you are not just another bored peasant seeking a thrill.Adventure awaits.Discover New Locations.Embark on adventure through a multitude of different hand-crafted maps. Lead your party across arid deserts, snowy peaks, goblin infested forests, and putrid swamps. Each area provides a unique experience and challenge to the player and his/her party.Discover New Skills.Diversify and adapt your character by acquiring new skills. Basic skills can be purchased from trainers around the world or found by defeating monsters. The most powerful skills, however, can only be acquired by defeating the most powerful enemies.Discover New Items.Collect materials from slain foes and bring them to crafting merchants throughout the world to craft new weapons and armor.Discover New Foes.The world is a dangerous place. Throughout your adventures you will encounter a variety of enemies each with their own set of skills.Discover New Allies.Throughout your journeys you will be hard pressed to go alone. Hire fellow adventurers to defeat groups of enemies.
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