Polygon's Royale : Season 1

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Polygon's Royal is the battleground survival game for everyone! It is a SINGLEPLAYER last man standing third/first person shooter in a great low poly style.The game principle is simple, you wake up on a lonely island without any equipment and weapons. The goal is to survive among other player and be the last man standing. You play in an hostile Environment where you find weapons and other equipment. You get rewards for winning the round by being the last man standing. Your rewards can be used to upgrade your default load out and fill up your custom equipment hot drop. You can also use your hard earned cash to buy customization items for your character to give him a unique apperance. As you progress in the game you Level up ranks and unlock new items and upgrade your character to the ultimate survival machine.The fast paced gun play is the major characteristic of the game in combination with small maps and a lot of bots a great stress reliever! so Buckle up and get some ammo! There is plenty of Action out of the box and you can adjust the bot amount and difficulty to your own skill. Climb up the battle pass and rank system and unlock new items and customize your character your way and achieve greatness! Get funny masks, outfits or accessories to make your character look outstanding!And it is still a work in progress which means things will be going under some changes up to season 2 but also an opportunity for you to shape the game to your favor!Key Features at the moment: Season 1.49- Singleplayer only vs bots , no multiplayer at the moment !- Three Maps and Two game modes- Level up ranks and unlock new items through the battle pass !- Action packed third and first person shooter- Battle Royale Mode and Zombie Royale Mode- Amount of bots and dfficulty is adjustable- Different Statistics (hit tracking and other stats)- different weapons and cosmetics...
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