Poly Defense

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PolyTown is under attack! Can you save it? Build attack turrets and mazes to slow down and destroy the attacking fleet. Upgrade your towers and find a strategy to win the round. Sounds easy? Prove it!Poly Defense features a variety of exciting levels, turrets, and enemies as well as atmospheric soundtracks.Be the hero that PolyTown direly needs! Play now!Defend PolyTown against strong enemies that will destroy your turrets if you are not careful! Poly Defense's battles last a long time and will quickly turn into an epic fight! You must carefully choose your strategy! Where will you place turrets? Which towers will you upgrade and when do you buy new towers instead? What's the best tower-maze to slow your enemies down? ...Poly Defense features 20 action-packed levels that range from beginner to hardcore difficulty. We also included some tense and engaging music that will turn Poly Defense into a one of a kind experience.
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