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Deep in the dark underground, countless weirdness coveted the world on the ground in secret. Finally...One day, everything got out of control. You will be in a uncontrollable research institution which called“收藏品”, and witness the site being disintegrated by 【Data Elimination】. Seek a gleam of light desperately in the erosion of the darkness, leading you to a closer platform to the road less travelled by. 《ESCAPE》is a platform-adventure game of new weird style, which based on the SCP Foundation. You will approach the truth of each weird collection step by step through contact, exploration, collection, and puzzle solving. Restore the unknown experiments and analysis the asylum’s records. Survive from these supernatural objects by the known information, and even use them to help you escape. Our demo shows a corner of the asylum. Players could get in touch with several collectibles and collect a small part of collectible’s records. Experience an accident with the main character of the story, and witness the beginning of the asylum out of control. More content will be provided in the official version: ①A more complete and thrilling game experience of contacting the collectibles. Each collectible is matched to a specific game level, and unique method to escape. ②There are enough detailed archives to help you solve various types of puzzles. At the same time, players could collect complete records associated with the collectibles. ③Explore more contents of the asylum, settings and worldview of backstory. ④More weirdness, more settings, more files! Follow our Weibo, join our player QQ group, learn more, and get in touch with us! QQ group: 530788104 Weibo: 迷物组 Twitter: Miwuzu Reminder: If you unable to open the steam community, please copy the link and open it in your browser
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