Futuclass - Hydrogen & Oxygen

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Futuclass - Oxygen Escape Room
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Learn about Oxygen and Hydrogen in two lab experiments. See gas molecules with your naked eye and use the properties of gases to light a candle. Combine most active metals with an acid to produce enough hydrogen to launch a rocket. Answer in-game questions to capture the learning.Curriculum fit: Hydrogen and Oxygen are taught in the curriculum of 8th grade Basic Chemistry in most countries. However, the VR lesson can be enjoyed by players of any age wishing to learn.Download the Free Lesson Plan for Hydrogen and Oxygen to maximize the learning from this VR lesson.MAKE FIRE WITH INVISIBLE GASSESThe candle experiment tasks the player with lighting a candle using a glowing wooden stick and invisible gases. Player can activate the Chemist View to see the molecules of various gases and learn about their behaviour through experimenting.PUT METALS IN ACIDPlacing different metals into water and acid introduces the player to the activity of metals. Different metals react at different speeds, and in some cases the reaction speed changes during the reaction.LAUNCH A ROCKETIdentify what is needed to launch a rocket! A hint: the word is contained in the name of this study module.ANSWER REFLECTION QUESTIONSAt key points during the experiments, the game is paused and player has to answer questions designed to draw attention to what was just learned and put player's experience in the context of the topic at hand.When you finish the game, take the test at the back of the Lesson Plan to see if you can balance equations on paper as well as you can in this VR lesson.
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