Last Blossom: Roleplaying tabletop based scene

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Last Blossom it's a short game scene, based on one well-known tabletop roleplaying game. I tried to reproduce the game rules with some accuracy, so it contains, if I may say, only a few "home rules". So this scene may help to understand some of the basic rules of roleplaying tabletop games. If you are a lonely adventurer that standing on a crossroad with grey, boring and empty life on one way and creative, unbelievable and full of discoveries life of a roleplayer in another hand - i hope Last Blossom will help you to choose the right road. And if you will not be quite inspired about all of this - just be sure that real roleplaying games with the right people are way better, so please don't give up! This scene is pretty short, so if you don't want to have more spoilers - you may consider just to try it first. But if you need a features list, well...Features:Dice rolls - cruel but honest random and its deadly consequences!Tense conversationTurn-based battle3 playable charactersDifferent ways to achieve the goalFantasy adventure atmosphere, made of Low poly, patchy animation, 8-bit sounds, and Unreal Engine 4 featuresI tried to put in this scene more or less full tutorial and detailed "Help" section, so if you are a beginner in this kind of genre, or maybe you not quite often playing in videogames at all - you still have a chance to figure out how it works. If you will have some trouble in understanding of what's happening in the game, or what you need to do - i would be grateful if you let me know about you're problem. OGL notice: This game contains some of the Open Game Content that used under and in terms of Open Gaming License Version 1.0a.
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