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Kasi is a simple game where you play as a plant. You start as a humble seed planted in the ground. You can create branches and leaves to collect sunlight, and roots to collect water. Having these in a good balance gives you energy to grow. You design the shape of your plant. You can go straight up and grow into a mighty tree, or you can stay low to the ground and be a nice hedge. You can grow vines which can snake along branches and across the ground. You can use regular leaves that collect sunlight, or special ones that collect moonlight. Growing flowers allows you to be pollinated and grow fruits. The world around your plant is simple. The days lead into nights. Rain can fall and give you extra water. Birds come and go from your branches. The sun and moon move at different speeds, so sometimes there are eclipses. Stars can burst for extra light at night. A couple creatures sometimes take shelter among your leaves. Some may fertilize your plant for faster growth. Kasi is rendered with a minimalist aesthetic and only a small amount of visual flair. Enjoy!
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